an on-going series of guerilla performance aktions,

with Patrick Dallard in the Stockholm underground.

" 3 J U N I "

" 2 3 M A R S "

" 1 1 F E B R U A R Y "

- to encourage a space for communication/contemplation.


- in an environment that is occupied by messages with focus on consumerism,  

we hammer a "wedge" into the time-space,

so we can look at the times and the place we live in,

what it is - could be - to be human - or just Being.


- to encourage disruptive actions that break the monotony of this landscape,

a place for going from A to B, or being fully present in the HERE-NOW.


- to realize the potential working with surprise as an artistic strategy,

working in the gap between descriptions,

compared to communication in a space dedicated to art,

where there is a ”contract” between work and viewer.


- in the city where we are surrounded by expressions that have been filtered through the

human intellect, we encourage works that will remind us of the bigger context we exist in,

Nature, Cosmos, perspectives of Wholeness, disrupt anthropocentric perspectives.


- to enter the process aware of the healing aspect in this exchange,

looking at the trying times we are living in,

whether we look at human to human relation,

human – non human relation, human – environment, confusion is there.


- building a language, as a tool for understanding something about ”the resistance”

we can see in the gap between ”knowledge” and behaviour,

in us as a species. See global problems, as rooted in psychology rather than political ?


- the word guerilla here used as the idea of being un-announced,

working without permits, looking at its etymological root, it means ”little war”.

We dont need to add conflict to this space,

but looking at the root for the word ”war”,

we find Old High German Ver-Wirren suggest the original sense was "to bring into confusion",

this reading is very agreeable.

Working without permits, we will expose important definitions of what public space is,

but also bring us in touch with ideas of responsibility.

We come as guests into this world ?